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Pacific Section AAPG, SPE and SEPM Joint Technical Conference

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Solar steam generation replaces gas-fired steam for thermal enhanced oil recovery, and is currently being piloted in California and Oman. Using solar for steam generation can deliver benefits such as reduced fuel costs or expanded production in emissions-constrained settings, such as California. Research on the impact of solar generated steam on California oil production will be presented, including its role in complying with the state's emission and permitting regulations. Key considerations, such as cost, scale, land use and employment, will be evaluated among the various solar technologies and available compliance pathways.

If solar energy was used to produce 30% of California's EOR steam requirements by 2020, more than 2 billion gallons of additional gasoline would be produced while fully accomplishing the state's emission reduction goals. California's independent producers will see value in the price and demand for their product. Furthermore, independent models have shown 12% expansion proved reserves by moving to solar steam.

Case studies and performance Previous HitdataTop from projects in California (operating for three years) and Oman (operating for one year) will be discussed.