Pacific Section AAPG, SPE and SEPM Joint Technical Conference

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Hydrocarbon Saturation From Total Organic Carbon Logs Derived From Inelastic And Capture Nuclear Spectroscopy


The accurate determination of formation hydrocarbon saturation is an essential step in the petrophysical evaluation of conventional reservoirs. This presentation introduces a new method for estimating hydrocarbon saturation directly from the total organic carbon log derived from the Litho Scanner* inelastic and capture nuclear spectroscopy and porosity logs. The primary advantage of the new method is it provides reliable and accurate hydrocarbon saturation in a wide range of environmental conditions and formations. This method does not require knowledge of formation water resistivity or rely on a resistivity model. This presentation discusses the principles of this method and the algorithm to compute hydrocarbon saturation, Shc. In addition, this presentation will demonstrate the value of this technique through field studies in a variety of geologic environments, including examples from both sandstone and carbonate reservoirs, fresh water formations, and fields under enhanced oil recovery with water injection and steam flood where traditional methods for computing saturation have failed.