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Utilizing Petrophysical Attributes to Optimize Performance of a Horizontal Drilling Program

Tim McGinley¹

¹Laredo Petroleum


Petrophysics enables focused well completions, reservoir modeling, assessments of OIP and EUR, zone ranking, and identification of horizontal drilling landing points, thus facilitating efficient use of capital. A vertical drilling program contributes significantly to the technical database. By Integrating whole and sidewall core data, such as GRI, XRD, and TOC measurements, critical sideboards for the interpretation of wireline logging data can be achieved. Measurements of compressional and shear acoustic data for generation of rock mechanical properties also plays a key role in the petrophysical interpretation.

With 95% coverage of Garden City acreage with 3-D seismic and greater than 50% coverage with high effort proprietary 3D data, Laredo is correlating seismic attributes and petrophysical characteristics to determine regional rock features.

With all this technology added to the Laredo tool box, comprehensive analyses are utilized to create a strong horizontal development plan and maximize shareholder value via a growing list of high performing wells.


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