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Spectral Decomposition – A Tool for Delineation of Reservoir Facies in Minagish Carbonate Formation, Southeast Kuwait

L. Ye1, S.K. Singh1, P. Nath1, A. Al-Ajmi1

1Kuwait Oil Company


Lower Cretaceous formations within Kuwait broadly consist of Zubair, Ratawi, Minagish and Makhul formation. Middle Minagish (Valanginian Stage) carbonate reservoir is a leading oil contributor from Minagish, Umm-Gudair and main Burgan. However, heterogeneity of Middle Minagish reservoir is the main challenge in Southeast Kuwait (SEK). The objective of this paper is to demonstrate the use of Spectral Decomposition along with different seismic attributes to make a meaningful relation among these attributes and reservoir heterogeneity.


AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90188 ©GEO-2014, 11th Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition, 10-12 March 2014, Manama, Bahrain