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Impact of Reactive Surface versus Permeability on Dolomitization: Insights from Batch Reactor and Core Flooding Experiments

V. Vandeginste1, S. Krevor1, P. Lai1, and C.M. John1

1Imperial College London


Many Middle Eastern reservoirs are hosted in carbonate rocks. These rocks are commonly diagenetically altered, for example, by dolomitization, which impacts on the petrophysical properties of the rock. A key factor for dolomitization is fluid flow, i.e. input of a significant amount of Mg2+ needed to form dolomite. Fluid flow depends clearly on permeability. However, the reactive surface is another key factor in transforming limestone into dolomite. In this respect, the aim of the current study is to determine the respective importance and impact of reactive surface versus permeability on the dolomitization process based on lab batch reactor and core flooding experiments.


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