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A System of Key Performance Indicators for Validating Matched Reservoir Analogues through Case-based Reasoning Algorithms

Cenk Temizel1, Suryansh Purwar2, Amit Agarwal2, Azer Abdullayev2, Pedro Mora2, Alejandro Chacon2, and Alkan Gulses3

1Aera Energy
3University of Southern California


Advances in the Digital Oilfield Concept in the last decade have not only increased the amount of data captured but have also improved the quality and precision. Furthermore, initiation of the robust application of relatively-new technologies in petroleum engineering including computer science lets us turn data into knowledge in a more efficient and consistent way. This paradigm change has great potential for use yet is not being applied in many areas that use more ‘traditional’ or ‘primitive’ ways. The application of case-based reasoning techniques in reservoir analogues is one of such areas where these relatively-new techniques are not studied and documented in a proper and efficient manner.


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