--> Abstract: NMR Imaging to Map Pore Distribution at Fine Scale, by R. Taherian, A. Valori, F. Ali, and A. AlZoukani, #90188 (2014)

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NMR Imaging to Map Pore Distribution at Fine Scale

R. Taherian1, A. Valori1, F. Ali1, and A. AlZoukani1

1Schlumberger Dhahran Carbonate Research Center


In this paper we examine the effect of capillary forces on fluid path in reservoir rocks. We do that at a small, more manageable scale of a core plug in laboratory. To better map the saturation variation, we use NMR imaging to map the saturation of Carbonate plugs in highly resolved (800 micron thick) slices.

Fully water saturated plugs were centrifuged in air using small capillary pressure steps, then the saturation profile along the length of the core was imaged using NMR. The centrifugal pressure steps were incremented at 1 psi for careful mapping of the fluid distribution. The NMR profiles clearly displayed a structural heterogeneity which influenced the fluid distribution, even in the short length of the core plug used (5 cm).


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