--> Abstract: Fracture Characterization in the Mishrif Formation, Awali Field, Bahrain, by S. Stearns, S. Smith, and J. Mattner, #90188 (2014)

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Fracture Characterization in the Mishrif Formation, Awali Field, Bahrain

S. Stearns1, S. Smith1, and J. Mattner2



Fractures in the Mishrif Formation in the Awali Field, Bahrain, are characterized using a combination of borehole image data (BHI data) and dynamic data from hydraulic fracturing and fluid production. In Bahrain the Mishrif is locally known as the Rubble Formation. It has an average porosity of 20 to 22 % and an average permeability of between one and three mD. 22 horizontal wells and 23 vertical or deviated wells were drilled in different parts of the field to capture a wide range of fracture manifestations. Distinctive fracture domains within which fractures have similar characteristics have been mapped throughout the field. The production performance of wells producing from the Rubble Reservoir is directly related to the character of the fractures in the vicinity of the well. Three types of fracture-related, well-performance conceptual models have been developed. These well-performance types reflect the effective number, size and connectivity of the fractures that are responsible for the fluid production from the Rubble Reservoir.


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