--> Abstract: Wellbore Property-Height Profiling Tool for Complex Trajectories, by S.D. Russell , M. Abu-Bakar Razi, and K.S. Wahabi, #90188 (2014)

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Wellbore Property-Height Profiling Tool for Complex Trajectories

S.D. Russell1, M. Abu-Bakar Razi1, and K.S. Wahabi1

1Reservoir Characterization Dept - Saudi Aramco


In the past, conventional methods provided profiles for vertical wells only, but this tool accounts for complex wellbore trajectories and model gridding to spatially locate the property-height profile in each well. Reservoir engineers and geologists can now quickly and easily calculate property-height at any given well, horizontal or vertical. Specifically, we focused our efforts on permeability-height (KH) modeling. As proof of concept, this tool was developed and embedded as a plug-in in our 3D geological modeling software. KH data generated by this tool has been calibrated against KH from well tests and flow meters and are comparable in quality. Since well tests are costly and exist in only limited wells, the new KH data add significant value by making KH data virtually cost-free and widely distributed. KH data can now be modeled as a property and used as a constraint to predict pressure and fluid movement. This will significantly reduce the need for well test data. Moreover, the iterative capability of the KH work provides the opportunity for geologist and engineer to test KH scenarios through variable permeability model realizations in any type of reservoir (carbonate or siliciclastic).


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