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Evaluation of Deep and Challenging Reservoirs with High Temperature Formation Tester Tools

H. Ngo1, A. Sirimongkolkitti1, S. Pimthong1, K. Pinyo1, K. Sapmanee1, K. Wongpaet1, P. Chaiyo1, T. Duangprasert2, S. Daungkaew,2 N. Hademi2, C. Ayan2, and C. Tevis2



Oil and gas exploration is moving from relatively easier basins to more challenging environments. More exploration and appraisal wells are now targeting deeper horizons, which tend to have lower porosities and high temperatures. Several reservoirs in the South East Asia region, such as the North Malay basin in Thailand and Malaysia are considered to be the highest temperature gradient due to their geological settings.


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