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Significant Saving in Operating Costs - A Success Story of Efficient Formation Pressure while Drilling Practices in Evaluating Laminated Thin-Bed Environment of Te Giac Trang Field, Cuu Long Basin, Vietnam

K. Ng1, N.P. Hardikar1, Y. Teng1, and B. Phuoc2

1Baker Hughes
2Hoang Long JOC


In February 2012, Hoang Long JOC (HLJOC) faced problems when running a wireline formation tester (WFT) in an 8½-in. hole. The borehole was severely enlarged just below the 9-5/8-in. casing shoe, making it impossible to align the WFT string and run to total depth. HLJOC decided to deploy a formation pressure while drilling (FPWD) tool and tested 93 depth stations in one run; the largest in a single run in Asia Pacific.


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