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Brownfield Appliccations for Real-Time Formation Pressure While Drilling – Examples from Mumbai High Field

S. Nahar1, J. Singh1, Y. Chandra2, N.S. Rawat2, and R.B. Nimbalkar 2

2Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.


Discovered in 1974, Mumbai High is 160 km off the west coast of Mumbai and one of the most prominent brownfields of India. It has been selected for a massive field redevelopment project to revive and enhance hydrocarbon production. In order to understand production behavior in a field, it is important to identify pressure regimes associated with the producing layers, as anomalies can have a significant impact on well completion strategies. Mumbai High has been producing for over 25 years and is currently under water injection due to which pressure regimes can vary in corresponding layers and may affect pre-existing completion decisions.


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