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Subsalt Previous HitMigrationNext Hit Previous HitVelocityNext Hit Previous HitAnalysisNext Hit with the Common Image Cube Approach

K. Mansoor1, O. Hermant1, H. Baudon1, S. Warzocha1, and M. Van De Rijzen2



Accurate subsalt imaging requires both high fidelity imaging algorithms and accurate Previous HitvelocityNext Hit models. One-way and two-way wave equation Previous HitmigrationNext Hit methods have evolved at a faster pace than the Previous HitmigrationNext Hit Previous HitvelocityNext Hit Previous HitanalysisNext Hit (MVA) methods used to build and update the Previous HitvelocityNext Hit models. Ray-based tomography is still the basis of most commonly-used MVA methods. This updating method can be both incompatible with wave equation imaging algorithms and inaccurate in a complex Previous HitvelocityTop environment.


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