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Paleostructural Evolution of Ougarta during the Upper Devonian up to the Upper Tournaisian: Comparisons with the Basins of Algerian South-west (the Western northern Sahara)

F. Malti1 and M. Benyoucef2

1Béchar University
2Mascara University


The Devono-Tournaisian basin of Ougarta seats in the Valley of the Saoura located to the 300km South South-East of Bechar town. In the Saoura Valley, the upper part of the Frasnian characterized by progressive appearance of the watered griottes facies. During the early Famennian, some floods occur in interrupting the detrital discharges and the progressive development of the griottes, whose environment is the slope. These griottes occupied the offshore, except to the center where deepening did not take place, whereas the formation of shoal was continued. From middle late Famennian, the turbiditic deposits appeared thanks to a raised flux velocity, to the detriment of griottes, which start to disappear.


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