--> Abstract: Mesozoic Extensional Events in Eastern Arabia, by K. Leyrer and V. Vahrenkamp#90188 (2014)

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Mesozoic Extensional Events in Eastern Arabia

K. Leyrer1 and V. Vahrenkamp1,2



The tectonic history affecting the Arabian plate appears to be very complex and still poorly constrained. The impacts of a better understanding range amongst others from: 1) sub-basin shape delineation by the re-activation of basement faults, 2) heat flow variations controlled by the nature of basement terranes as well as the crustal/mantle lithosphere thicknesses and impacting source rocks maturity, 3) the stratigraphic framework within which the likely distribution of reservoir, seal and source rock intervals can be evaluated, 4) timing of (multistage) structure, fault and fracture development.


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