--> Abstract: A Method to Suppress Slip Sweep Harmonic in the Field and Its Effect, by Y. Lan, H. Xu, and G. Qian, #90188 (2014)

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A Method to Suppress Slip Sweep Harmonic in the Field and Its Effect

Y. Lan1, H. Xu1, and G. Qian1



While it becoming the mainstream seismic exploration technique, the high-density wide azimuth 3D exploration also result in the substantial increase of excitation cost. Although the slip-sweep technique can effectively improve the productivity in the field and reduce the excitation cost, the harmonics inherent with vibroseis interfere with the adjacent shot records inevitably due to the application of slip-sweep; therefore, the suppression of harmonics becomes the premise to ensure the seismic data quality for slip-sweep acquisition. In this paper, starting from the basic principle of vibroseis excitation, the generation mechanism of harmonics and the energy classification of harmonics are analyzed and the related parameters for slip-sweep are designed purposely focusing on suppressing the second and third harmonics (which are both with a relatively strong energy) generated by slip-sweep. Tests and the vibroseis data acquired actually in the slip-sweep method show that this harmonics suppression method has a good effect.


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