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Integrating of Sedimentological Characterisation Outcomes with Static and Dynamic Rock Properties to Generate High Permeability Streaks Rock Type in Carbonates Rocks, Case Study, Offshore Abu-Dhabi – UAE

H. Khemissa1, A.H. Al Shemsi1, A. Al-Felasi1, C. Okuku2, and B. Twombley3

3Thames Ditton


The reservoir has a great thickness of grain-dominated lithofacies compared to matrix-rich lithofacies with wackestone and Wacke-Packstone co-dominant with Lithocodium/Bacinella-rich floatstone and minor intervals of skeletal/oolitic Grainstone. These lithofacies represent more distal, higher energy settings such as inner ramp shoals, inner to mid-ramp, locally clay prone settings. The thin section description indicates that the greater the abundance of grains and the lower abundance of matrix, the higher the volume of porosity and the dominance of macropores over micropores.


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