--> Abstract: Modeling of Seismic Signatures of Carbonate Rock Types, by B. Jan and Y. Sun, #90188 (2014)

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Modeling of Seismic Signatures of Carbonate Rock Types

B. Jan1 and Y. Sun2

2Texas A&M University


This research addresses how seismic technology can be used to identify different carbonate rock types for characterization of reservoir heterogeneity. It also investigates seismic methods that may help delineate thin, high-permeability (super-k), layers that cause early water breakthroughs that severely reduce hydrocarbon recovery.

Based on data from a Middle East producing field, a geologic model is defined comprising a seal, a thin fractured layer, a grainstone layer and a wackestone layer. Convolutional, finite difference and fluid substitution modeling techniques are used to understand the seismic signatures of carbonate rock types.


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