--> Abstract: Wave Equation Solutions to Complex Near Surface Challenges, by L.L. Hu, S. Saleh, J.W. Jiao, R. Ley, and L. Wong, #90188 (2014)

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Wave Equation Solutions to Complex Near Surface Challenges

L.L. Hu1, S. Saleh1, J.W. Jiao1, R. Ley1, and L. Wong1

1Saudi Aramco


Complex near surface structures hinder high fidelity imaging of deeper reflectors. To solve this challenge, state-of-the-art methods for reducing near surface effects have been developed, including: (1) using model-based filtering methods to remove high amplitude surface waves and scatterings that are dispersive noises which cannot be fully removed with conventional multi-dimensional filters, (2) estimating shallow high-resolution velocity models via refraction tomography (i.e., tomo-model) in order to overcome the derivation limitations of uphole and refraction statics surveys, (3) applying interpolation and regularization techniques to reduce spatial aliasing of input data due to limited survey acquisition geometry, thereby making subsequent WE-processing easier, (4) refining tomo-models for reflection data imaging, and (5) using wave-equation (WE) based extrapolation schemes that can handle velocity contrasts of various degrees.


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