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Evaluating the Pre-Salt Prospectivity of the Red Sea using Gaussian Packet Migration and Reverse Time Migration Enhanced Imaging Workflows

R. Fainstein1, A. Goodall1, F. Miranda1, E. Saragoussi1, F.C. Snyder1, and N. Raterman2

2Saudi Aramco


The Red Sea is part of the East African rift system caused by the separation of the Arabian and African plates. In large portions of the survey a thin rugose evaporite sequence is found just under the water bottom, represented acoustically by a strong impedance contrast. This, combined with the massive salt and highly deformed layered evaporites, causes the generation of strong multiples and diffracted multiples with high absorption of seismic energy.


AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90188 ©GEO-2014, 11th Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition, 10-12 March 2014, Manama, Bahrain