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Seismic Reflection Evidence for Oblique Strike-slip Fault in Extensional Tectonics: Diffra Field, Sudan

W.M. El Hassan1 and K. Ouldamer2

1Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Co.


The rift system of Western and Central Africa System (WCARS) provides an opportunity to explore a spectrum of relationships between initial extension tectonic and other tectonic within the system. Seismic reflection data provides an excellent tool to distinguish the dominant extension structures from slight compression or strike-slip signature.

The study area (Diffra area) is located in Muglad basin, Sudan. The study area composes two fields, Diffra west and Hamam fields. They represent an anticline with four-way dip closure. The structure is faulted by a NW-SE fault (Diffra West – Hamam Fault - DHF), which separates the two fields Diffra west, in the east side, and Hamam in the west side of the fault. The geometry of the DHF fault (relatively vertical) in seismic section and the structural configuration of Diffra west and Hamam fields suggest an oblique strike slip fault with sinistral (left lateral) sense of movement. The lateral displacement can account for about 600 m, while the dip-slip movement is about 70 to 80 m toward NE.


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