--> --> Abstract: 5D Matching Pursuit Fourier Interpolation of Sparse Irregular Land Geometry, by W. Gamal Eldin, A. Zarkhidze, B. Hootman, and M. Schonewille, #90188 (2014)
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W. Gamal Eldin1, A. Zarkhidze1, B. Hootman1, and M. Schonewille1



During land seismic data acquisition, terrain, obstructions, environmental objectives, economic constraints, and many other factors are likely to cause the data to be sampled in a sparse and irregular fashion. If not accounted for, irregular sampling can affect data analysis and introduce noise, phase and amplitude distortions, and degrade the final image. Regularization can be employed to address these issues. As a natural extension, it is also possible to output data at a finer spacing than input. Whilst this is never a replacement for actually acquired finely spaced data, interpolation can act to stabilize some processes that have a dependence on wavefield sampling, such as migrations.


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