--> Abstract: Recovering the Full Broadband Signal on Land Wide-Azimuth Data with Octave, by R.M. El Asrag, M. Retailleau, and J. Shorter, #90188 (2014)

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Recovering the Full Broadband Signal on Land Wide-Azimuth Data with Octave

R.M. El Asrag1, M. Retailleau1, and J. Shorter1



With the increased industry interest in low frequencies, there has been a significant effort in developing techniques that can source these low frequencies. The importance of recording the full range of frequencies (low as well as high) is widely accepted for high resolution imaging. High fidelity, low frequency data provides deeper penetration for the clear imaging of deep targets, as well as providing greater stability in inversion. During processing of broadband data, it is crucial to make sure that the signal contained in each of the octaves composing the total seismic response is preserved. In this paper we will discuss how the broadband signal can be effectively controlled at each stage of the processing sequence through a wavelet splitting technique, opening the way for the recovery of the full broadband signal in the image domain. This method can be applied on any seismic data set, whatever its octave content, pre-stack or post-stack.


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