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Fluid Typing for the Assessment of the Origin of Hydrocarbons leaking in the annuli of Oil and Gas Wells

D. Dessort1, Y. Poirier1, F. Gelin1, and F. Montel1



Well integrity issues can lead to leaks of gas, condensate or oil, causing material damage, personnel injuries, loss of production and environmental impact. To decide on abandon or downhole failure remediation, it is a prerequisite to assess the origin of the leaks.The main objective of this paper is to discuss relevant geochemical methodologies in the context of well integrity survey, failure remediation and therefore risk mitigation.Techniques which can be applied depend on issues and on fluids composition. For instance most relevant techniques for oil samples are:

- High resolution gas chromatography (HRGC)

- Heavy biomarkers

- Bulk isotopes of whole oils or on sub-fractions or compound specific isotopes analysis (CSIA)


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