--> Abstract: Improved Well Tracking System by Automated QC, by R. Daud, A. Kharoubi, M. Zar, and M. Siddiqui, #90188 (2014)

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Improved Well Tracking System by Automated QC

R. Daud1, A. Kharoubi1, M. Zar1, and M. Siddiqui1

1Saudi Aramco


Accurate and fast delivery of data in exploration is crucial for decision makers in the field. All exploration data that is channeled from multiple data sources into the corporate database has to be not only accurate but also consistent with company standards and business to ensure consistency with the architecture and to provide fluid data flow throughout the infrastructure. Saudi Aramco has successfully implemented automation for data QC through its Well Tracking System. The Exploration Data Management Division (EDMD) data managers, the custodians of exploration data, play an important role in ensuring that all data published to users is accurate, trustworthy and usable.


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