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Wireline Formation Testing and Fluid Sampling in a Low Permeability Diatomite Oil Reservoir: Planning, Execution, and Applications in Reservoir Characterization

M. Chowdhury1, S. Datta1, A. Sinha1, P.K. Tellapaneni2, and R. Jackson2

1Cairn India Ltd
2Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd


Acquiring valid formation pressures and representative fluid samples by wireline formation testing in low-permeability reservoirs can prove challenging. There may be no stable flowing pressure during pretesting, and sampling times are typically long–often with high drawdown pressures. Pressure build-ups are slow and the confidence level of final pressures can be uncertain. Pre-job design and planning, integrating appropriate tool technologies with the application of innovative workflows are critical for formation testing and successful acquisition of fluid samples in these types of reservoirs.


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