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Optimize Development Strategy of Upper Burgan Reservoir through Multilateral Well with Inflow Control Device in Raudhatain Field, North Kuwait

S. Chowdhuri1, P. Cameron1, T.A. Mohammad1, M. Raffi1, S.S. Sharma1, M.D. AlMutairi1, V.S. Rajagopalan1, S. Chellappan1, M. Al-Ajmi1, H. Haddou2, M. Juyal2, S. Noreldeen2, P. Sangani2, V. Chimirala2, and A.I. Elsherif2

1Kuwait Oil Company


The development in Horizontal Drilling technology now allows single- and multi-lateral wells to increase hydrocarbon recovery and accelerate production from reservoirs with strong bottom water aquifers. The increased reservoir contact reduces the effective drawdown at the drainage point, thereby reducing the coning affect, extending the dry oil productive life, and hence proving to be more cost effective. To achieve these benefits, the first multilateral well with Level-4 junction and Inflow Control Devices (ICD) was planned, designed and drilled to develop Upper Burgan Reservoir of Raudhatain Field, North Kuwait. The reservoir is already on production for more than 50 years with conventional development technique.


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