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*Conditions for an Economical and Acceptable development of Unconventional Resources out of North America

Ph. A. Charlez1



Between 2006 and 2012, a period that barely covers the exploration and delineation phases of a conventional field, the US production of unconventional hydrocarbons has risen from 2 Bcf/day to 26.5 Bcf/day for gas and from 0.3 Mbopd to almost 2 Mbopd for oil, making the United States the leading source of growth in the world. Although a number of plays significantly contribute to US shale gas production, the Barnett (North Texas), Haynesville (Louisiana and Texas), Marcellus (New York State) and to a lesser extent Fayetteville (Arkansas) were the main contributors to the shale gas ramp up, whereas Bakken (North Dakota) and Eagle Ford (Texas) are the main contributors for tight oil.


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