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Depositional Facies Modeling in a Kharaib and Shu’aiba Reservoir Analog: the Urgonian Formation (SE France) on the Periphery of an Intra-Continental Basin

F. Bastide1, G. Massonnat2, J. Borgomano2, and P. Sorriaux2



Building accurate and predictive reservoir models in carbonate environments is one of the most challenging issues in the geomodeling word. As far as the depositional facies usually drives the effects of diagenesis on petrophysical properties, a specific effort must be undertaken to model the original sedimentary facies. When stochastic simulations are used to populate geological models with facies, there are two main principles for a successful work: 1) modeling should be performed on realistic stratigraphic grids, 2) the facies proportions cube constructed from hard data and concepts should match the available geological knowledge.


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