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Sequence Stratigraphy of the Subsurface Late Jurassic Arab-D Reservoir in Two Oil Fields, Eastern Saudi Arabia

K.O. Altemmi1 and J.F. Read2

1Saudi Aramco
2Virginia Tech


The Late Jurassic Arab-D reservoir and Arab-D anhydrite were studied in two fields located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The Jubaila-Arab-D interval is a shallowing upward succession of two composite sequences, with up to nine higher frequency sequences in the Arab-D. Both fields have similar parasequences, typically 3-5 meters thick. Facies in ascending order include: deeper, hardground-capped lime mudstone, wackestone and intraclastic rudstone; fine packstone forebank apron, and extensive stromatoporoid banks; Cladocoropsis peloid packstone/ grainstone/floatstone; fine algal packstone/wackestone; peloid packstone/grainstone, nearshore ooid/mollusk grainstone/packstone, rare peritidal laminites, and evaporites.


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