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Reservoir Characterization by Integrating Core-Log-Litholog-RCAL-SCAL-Fluid Analysis Data- A Case Study from Kuwait Oil Company

K. Al-Dohaiem1, P. Choudhary1, K. Ahmad1, F. Ahmad1, F.F. Haider1, H. Ferdous1, T. Al-Mutairi1, and A. Mahmood1



The shallow-depth unconsolidated viscous oil reservoir in Kuwait has its own peculiarities. In between the pay zones, the presence of barriers and baffles are inconsistent across larger area which causes problem in optimizing production strategy. This requires not only an integrated approach for reservoir characterization but also a systematic presentation of all related data on a single view panel. This helps in visualizing all information at same depth scale with similar resolution.

The methodology includes loading of well data, log, core image, core analysis data, fluid data into Openwork database. Openwork is a robust and trusted geological software tool over the years. Core depth is corrected with help of open hole GR, core GR, core lithology and core photographs. The core shift values are applied to core images and RCAL/SCAL data and the result is displayed in Single well viewer of Stratworks application module with a suitably designed template.


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