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Reservoir Oil Characterization in Bul Hanine Field Using Oil Fingerprinting Technology

A. Aldahik1, J. Foeken1, S. Alshahwani1, N. Al-Mohannadi1, N. Al-Mohannadi1, and A. Qambar Al-Emadi1

1Qatar Petroleum


Oil fingerprinting technology is one of the most useful techniques deployed in exploration and reservoir geochemistry. From a production geochemistry perspective, this technology can be applied to:

  • resolve production allocation
  • address commingled production
  • determine connectivity/compartmentalization
  • identify active producing horizons
  • support production monitoring and surveillance programs
  • identify wellbore mechanical problems
  • characterize bitumen and tar mats in reservoirs

Qatar Petroleum (QP) is now implementing Multi Dimensional Gas Chromatography (MDGC) technique for oil fingerprinting to support different business units.


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