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Quantitative Analysis of Fossil Faunas From the Callovian Deposits in Central Saudi Arabia

W. Al Basrawi1, A. Dhubaib1, and J. Estevez1

1Saudi Aramco


The upper part of the Middle Jurassic succession in central Saudi Arabia is characterized by cliff-forming, coral and stromatoporoid bearing limestones assigned to the Tuwaiq Mountain Formation. This study focused on the micropaleontological analysis of a middle Callovian cored well section, revealing a range of different biofacies assemblages.

Biofacies include the benthic foraminifera Trocholina elongate, Kurnubia palastiniensis, Redmondoides lugeoni, Pfenderina trochoida, and Meyendorffina bathonica. Stromatoporoids include the branched species Cladocorposis. Monaxon and tetraxon sponge spicules are also present in this formation. A Callovian age has been assigned, based on the extension range of Meyendorffina.


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