--> Abstract: North Kuwait Carbonate Reservoir Fracture Characterization, by K. Al Ateeqi and P. Richard, #90188 (2014)

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North Kuwait Carbonate Reservoir Fracture Characterization

K. Al Ateeqi1 and P. Richard2

2Shell International


The North Kuwait carbonate reservoirs are currently under development by KOC (Kuwait Oil Company). The appraisal and development of the NKJG offer challenges such as lateral variations in reservoir quality and natural fracturing to a varying degree spatially. The presence of open, connected fractures (in part of the field area) is believed to be one of the key elements to achieve a successful development. As part of an Enhanced Technical Service Agreement (ETSA), Shell provided its in-house expertise and best practices in fracture characterization and modelling to establish a customized workflow for the recent and future fracture model updates, as well as coach local talents.


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