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Petroleum System Evaluation of a Light Tight Oil Play in the Nafun Source Rocks Intervals In The Sultanate of Oman - From Exploration Screening to First Drilling Results

Z.M. Al-Aisri1, S.S. Scholten1, and S. Shoaibi1



The hydrocarbon system of the Sultanate of Oman contains a multitude of excellent source rock intervals comprising diverse depositional systems with greatly variable ages. A play-based evaluation study was carried out to analyse and rank the unconventional hydrocarbon potential of the major source rocks in Oman. As a result of the study, since the end of 2011 PDO is actively drilling exploration wells into 2 new Liquid Rich Source rock plays within block 6 (90,000km2, license expiry in 2044). Screening economics suggest that the LRS opportunities rank well against the current conventional portfolio, with the potential to secure the long term sustainability of PDO’s oil production. The target intervals comprise very diverse depositional systems with greatly variable ages.

This presentation focuses on the Pre-Cambrian Nafun Group, which is anticipated to have the largest scope for LRS oil recovery as it comprises multiple stacked levels of source rocks and tight reservoirs across 4 formations with up to 700m total thickness. The source rocks are of world class quality and charge the majority of the oil and gas fields in Oman. Three wells were drilled so far targeting source rocks at the lower end of the oil maturity window.