--> Abstract: Saudi Arabia Shale Gas Hydrocarbons as Emerging Resource Play, by A.S. Ahmed, A.M. Hakami, H. Alsahfy, and F.R. Oyarzabal, #90188 (2014)

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Saudi Arabia Shale Gas Hydrocarbons as Emerging Resource Play

A.S. Ahmed1, A.M. Hakami1, H. Alsahfy1, and F.R. Oyarzabal 1

1Saudi Aramco


An unconventional exploration program has been launched in Saudi Arabia to develop unconventional hydrocarbon resources in various basins within the Kingdom. The unconventional gas plays are being evaluated in different basins in KSA such as Jafurah and Rub Al-Khali basins. The Jurassic sediments being targeted are one of the richest hydrocarbon source rocks in the world. These source rocks are calcareous and interpreted to have been deposited in a restricted marine environment within an intra-shelf basin. The Jafurah Basin was part of an intra-shelf basin that was formed by a rapid rise in relative sea-level, drowning an isostatically sagged platform interior.


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