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Pavement Investigations

Aleksey K. Khamzin, Aleksandra V. Varnavina, and Evgeniy V. Torgashov
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Multiple independent geophysical data sets were acquired along four 1000-foot long test segments of paved Missouri roadway in an effort to demonstrate the utility and cost-effectiveness of the following non-invasive imaging tools: ground penetrating radar (low and high frequency antenna), surface waves methods (PSPA and MASW), electrical methods (SuperSting and OhmMapper units). Core control (surface to native soil) and falling weight deflectometer control were acquired along the test segments of roadway, in order to constrain the interpretation of the acquired geophysical data.

With respect to the utility of the geophysical data sets, the primary objective was to assess the integrity of the various pavement layers and the underlying compacted soil, non-compacted soil and bedrock. With respect to cost- effectiveness, the cost-benefit of each technique was assessed based on the usefulness of the relevant interpretations to the Missouri Department of Transportation and the estimated cost of generating these interpretations.

This poster would summarize the results of the study.

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