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Tectonic Deformation of a Lacustrine Mudstone at Soda Lake Geothermal Field Using OpendTect™ Visualization

Tyler Kent and John Louie
Nevada Seismological Laboratory at the University of Nevada, Reno, NV, USA


The transition between the two structural regimes of the Walker Lane and the Basin and Range allows for complex transtensional fault interactions. NW-trending dextral shear in the Walker Lane and WNW extension in the northern Great Basin imparts enhanced extension and pull-apart basins that bring about structural controls for geothermal systems. The Carson Sink is the surface expression of this complex interaction of shear and extensional forces that cause crustal block rotation. This study investigates this tectonic shift in the Carson Sink using the fault offset of a paleo-planar lacustrine mudstone in 3D seismic at the Soda Lake Geothermal Field. With few mapped intrabasin faults, this gives a unique view into fault offsets inside this basin.


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