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Integrating Structural Validity Checks At All Stages of the Mainstream Previous HitInterpretationNext Hit Process

Steve Freeman, Simon Harris, and Jeremy Campbell
Rock Deformation Research Ltd., Leeds, UK


Producing a viable structural Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit from seismic and well data is a significant challenge. There are many complex relationships that experienced structural-seismic interpreters automatically reconcile (such as the relative timing and growth of the structures and stratigraphy, and the displacement variations both along and between structures). The challenge for software developers is how to replicate the mental processes and the steps that an experienced structural-seismic interpreter applies and design tools that are automatically available for the general interpreter dealing with structure. The next generation of software tools build upon those mental processes by analysing the data in ways that are difficult to achieve in the normal Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit workflow. As a result the Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit process is streamlined ensuring quality is achieved by a far broader group of interpreters.

For many general seismic interpreters and geomodellers the physical laws that govern structural geology concepts are not at the forefront of their minds while interpreting and modeling. Tools that are easily accessed and intuitive are required to enhance awareness of structural geology concepts through quality checks.


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