--> Abstract: Effective Knowledge Transfer in a Rapidly-Developing Play: New "Learnings" or "Findings" Reports, by Susan Nash; #90184 (2013)
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Effective Knowledge Transfer in a Rapidly-Developing Play: New "Learnings" or "Findings" Reports

Susan Nash

Petroleum exploration and Previous HitdevelopmentNext Hit requires transfer of knowl-edge, the analysis of recent findings, and the interdisciplinary discus-sion of so-called ―learnings.‖ However, organizations are often ill-equipped to effect the knowledge transfer because the discursive forms available to them – reports, memos, presentations, posts, so-cial media – are often inadequate vehicles. The current forms and processes do not incorporate the same objectives, and, in Lloyd Bitzer‘s words, the ―rhetorical situation‖ is completely different.

For that reason, it is very important to develop a format that can be easily incorporated and deployed across the organization, which helps maintain focus and creates a structure that encourages the clear identification and Previous HitdevelopmentNext Hit of classification (and retrieval) cognitive schemes and categories. At the same time, it encourages crossing discipline lines, and to frame a problem in terms of prior knowledge, personal experience, and knowledge gleaned from sources and ways of thinking outside one‘s immediate purview. Con-sequently, the resulting template is eminently collaborative and solution-centered, and easily adapted to a number of different occasions, places, uses, needs, and stakeholders.

This presentation provides an overview and framework of a template, along with theoretical underpinnings that explains how and why it is effective as a knowledge transfer and learning tool. It also presents an example of the template in use, and suggests how / where it can be modified in practical application.

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