--> Abstract: The Rise and Fall of Lake Mead: A Remote Sensing Approach, by Patricia “Suzy” Williams; #90181 (2013)

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The Rise and Fall of Lake Mead: A Remote Sensing Approach

Patricia “Suzy” Williams
University of Nevada – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
[email protected]

Lake Mead, located in Nevada and Arizona, is the largest lake in Nevada. Created by the Hoover Dam in 1935, Lake Mead has been an important factor to cities in the Southwestern United States, by providing both power and water to the surrounding states. Since the lake’s creation, it has had significant water level fluctuations. This project uses Landsat satellite imagery to investigate Lake Mead’s surface water changes over the last two decades, as a result of both drought conditions since 2000 (Barnett, T.P. and Pierce, D.W. 2008) and an increase in farming production and human usage in the desert southwest.

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