--> Abstract: Geophysical Exploration of Blair-Wallis area of the Laramie Range Wyoming, by Mitchell L. Johnson, Brandon Rankin, and Steve Holbrook; #90181 (2013)

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Geophysical Exploration of Blair-Wallis area of the Laramie Range Wyoming

Mitchell L. Johnson1, Brandon Rankin1, and Steve Holbrook2
1Dept. of Physics Atmospheric and Geoscience Science, Jackson State University, MS
2Dept. of Geology and Geophysics, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY

In June 2012 we conducted a seismic and electrical resistivity survey of a small watershed in the Blair-Wallis area, Laramie Range, Wyoming. The purpose of this study was to identify subsurface aquifers and their relationships with surface water systems. The seismic and electrical resistivity transects were run parallel to map the basement. To collect the data portable systems were in use. We used a 96- channel geometrics geode for the seismic line and a 56-electrode AGI Superstring for the resistivity line. The resistivity data produced better images of the subsurface. We believe this is because the seismic source and charge was absorbed in the soft ground. Also the electrical resistivity survey was able to send a consistent current in the ground. In the future we would recommend changing the spacing, length of transects, and to do a survey during another season of year. This would be of interest to us because of snowmelt and how saturated the ground maybe.

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