--> Abstract: Technology Strategy Considerations in Reservoir Optimization, by Susan Smith Nash; #90179 (2013)

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Technology Strategy Considerations in Reservoir Optimization

Susan Smith Nash

The goal of this presentation is to review technology strategies used in optimizing reservoirs, including the identification of preferentially productive / exploitable zones and decisionmaking strategies for cost-effectively matching technology to overall goals. In reviewing definitions of "sweet spots" and the notion of optimizable reservoirs, a strategy for creating technologically definable and/or differentiatable metrics can emerge. Appropriate technology strategy should be multi-disciplinary, and incorporate geochemistry, geology, geophysics, and engineering, and different approaches should be developed for different stages in the lifecycle of the project, In addition to identifying processes and procedures, it is important to bring to the surface any and all underlying assumptions, beliefs, and/or habits of mind (or prejudices) that impact decisionmaking processes. The presentation will also examine how analytics, data mining, and "Big Data" can play a part in the process.

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