--> Abstract: Integrating Geomechanics and Reservoir Characterization: Examples from Canadian Shale Plays, by Amy Fox; #90178 (2013)

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Integrating Geomechanics and Reservoir Characterization: Examples from Canadian Shale Plays

Amy Fox
Canadian Discovery Ltd.

The traditional framework for characterizing conventional resource plays needs to be modified and expanded if we are to fully understand unconventional plays. While understanding hydrodynamics, geochemistry and stratigraphy remain as important as ever, the geomechanics of the reservoir in terms of drilling, completing, stimulating and producing from natural fractures is rapidly taking center stage. It is not enough to explore geomechanics at the wellbore level; the next step in assisting operator efforts to maximize value from these complex plays is understanding how best to quantify the rock volume in each reservoir and at each potential drilling location.

This technical presentation will describe an evolving framework in developing in-depth understanding of unconventional plays using examples from the Montney, Second White Specks and Duvernay formations in western Canada. We will move from regional considerations through detailed reservoir characterization to the geomechanics and quantitative seismic interpretation techniques used to estimate unconventional reservoirs in terms of lithology, fluids, porosity, brittleness and other geomechanical properties. We will also discuss the relationship between pre-existing natural fractures and hydrocarbon generation, migration, storage and production.

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