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Geochemical Assessment of Secondary Oil Recovery, and Assessing Potential Quantification of CO2 Sequestration in the underlying Saline Arbuckle Aquifer

Brent Campbell, Robinson Barker, Saugata Datta, Martin Dubois, Guiherme Hoerle, Eugene Holubynak, Lynn Watney, Dana Wreath, and Tiraz Birdie

With ever increasing CO2 emissions from anthropogenic sources, the regional Lower Ordovician Arbuckle Group saline aquifer and the Mississippian oil reservoir have been proposed, in response, as potential storage sites for supercritical CO2. The problem to be addressed in the study is establishing geochemical behavior for the rock and brine when CO2 is injected. Mineralogical sequestration has the potential to be the most secure form of storage. Two areas are being studied, the initial study area-Wellington Field, Sumner County, KS and the expanded study area-Cutter Field in Stevens County, KS. Within the Wellington Field two wells, Berexco Wellington KGS 1-28 and1-32, were drilled. Most of the 1600 ft. Mississippian through Arbuckle interval was cored in the #1-32 well. Formation mineralogy is dominantly dolomite with varying amounts of chert nodules and other forms of silicification. There are three zones being studied in detail: Mississippian oil reservoir (3670'-3700') being evaluated for CO2-EOR, potential baffle zone in the mid Arbuckle (4400'-4550'), and the proposed CO2 injection zone in the lower-most Arbuckle (4900'-5050'). The mineral composition is quite distinct between these three zones. Initial evaluation of the 1042 ft. of core spanning the Mississipian thorough Arbuckle interval in the Berexco Cutter KGS #1 indicates similar lithofacies and pore types as the Arbuckle at Wellington. Granite was encountered in the Cutter KGS #1 at 7604'. The hypotheses to be tested is whether the regional saline Arbuckle aquifer will be a viable storage site for supercritical CO2 injection because of favorable reactions and their rates. 

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