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Clay Sensitivity of Lowstand Gravity Flow Deposits of the Douglas Creek Member of the Green River Formation, Greater Monument Butte Field, Uinta Basin, Utah

Bobby Sullivan, Darrin Burton, Margaret Lessenger, and Kurtus Woolf

The lower portion of the Douglas Creek member (LODC) of the Green River formation represents proportionally a high net to gross tight sandstone reservoir where distributed within the Greater Monument Butte Field. This interval has historically been recognized as a poor producing interval. Through detailed log correlation, core description, and outcrop studies, a sequence stratigraphic framework was developed for the LODC. Through core and log analysis , it was recognized that the LODC contained authigenic clays that are sensitive to freshwater. Through a pilot program, completion practices where modified by increasing KCl concentrations to determine formation sensitivity. The results from the pilot indicate that increased KCl concentrations corresponded with increased production and a subsequent increase EUR.

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