--> Abstract: Seeing Through the Salt, by Jerry Kapoor, Nick Moldoveanu, and Denes Vigh; #90167 (2013)

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Seeing Through the Salt

Jerry Kapoor, Nick Moldoveanu, and Denes Vigh
[email protected]

One of the industry's greatest current challenges is the ability to image subsalt reservoirs and thus pinpoint the deepwater oil and gas deposits of tomorrow. Despite significant progress in recent years, there remain many challenging areas for earth model building and imaging in the most complex geological environments. Increased complexity in the imaging challenges has driven a change from traditional ray-based methods to waveform methods for model building and imaging. These new imaging technologies work best with data that is enriched with low frequencies, long offsets and all azimuths. In this talk we will show some data examples and discuss acquisition designs and waveform technologies to improve subsalt imaging.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90167©2013 GCAGS and GCSSEPM 63rd Annual Convention, New Orleans, Louisiana, October 6-8, 2013