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Haynesville Shale Production (Northwest Louisiana and Northeast Texas): Historical and Predictive Production Based on Standardized Optimum Isopotential Mapping

Joel Jordan
[email protected]

{This is to be an extended abstract and figure for a poster session and transaction article. The abbreviated abstract below without the figure may not be sufficient for your consideration, but I see no option to include the rest at this stage.} ABSTRACT The objective of the standardized optimum isopotential map (Fig. 1) is to represent the productive nature of the Haynesville Shale while minimizing man-made and temporary natural factors. The map (Fig. 1) exhibits the optimum first-year gas production from standardized horizontal wells in the Haynesville Shale having laterals with 4000' perforation intervals. To generate the data for this map each horizontal well's production is altered by the formula: (first year BCF / perforation interval) X 4000' = first year BCF per 4000' interval Wells with the better production in local areas are then contoured. REFERENCE Geomap Company, 2013, Haynesville Play Map Service / Project No. 42, Plano, Texas.

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