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Structural Balance and Restoration of Cross Sections in the Western Area of the Gulf of Mexico

Idalia Cruz
[email protected]

The area of this study is located offshore, eastward of Tamaulipas State, Mexico. It comprises the transition zone between the Perdido Fold Belt (PFB) and the Mexican Ridges (MR). From west to east, the area changes from expansional, to transitional, to contractional structures. From north to south, the structures of the PFB were detached on salt, whereas those of the MR were detached on shale. Exploration investments are supported by the current geological model of this area, which in turn, show the spatial location of possible reservoir rock volumes derived from seismic interpretation. The objective of this study is to make a geometrical validation of the seismic interpretation through structural balance and restoration in order to improve the geological models, and also to reduce their exploration risk. The proposed methodology in this study is .applicable in regions where known analogous are unavailable.

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