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CO2 EOR and Sequestration Potential in Mature Reservoirs, Daqing Oilfield, China

Zhang, Yunsheng
[email protected]

CO2 miscible injection becomes more and more popular and mature in the past decades. CO2 EOR plus sequestration is a new way in current days to increase the recovery and reduce the climate burden. The Fuyang field has quite a few low permeability sandstone reservoirs, which currently the water cut and oil rate are getting close to the economic limits after near three decades of water injection. Figuring out a superseded method is important to the control of production decline and the utilization of existing well networks.

This study is aimed at assessing the potential of CO2 EOR and storage in three large oil fields in the region based on the data of 23 mature oil reservoirs. The assessments include a regional geology assessment, storage site screening, reservoir screening for CO2 EOR and EOR potential and storage capacity calculations. Many mature oil reservoirs are close to the main CO2 sources and have good geographical and geological conditions for CO2 storage.

The investigation results show that 16 are suitable both for EOR and storage. And 5 reservoirs were found suitable for storage as depleted oil reservoirs. The total EOR potential could be 199.72×104 t of crude oil and the CO2 storage potential could reach 1,553.92×104 t. The overall incremental oil recovery rate could be 7.92%. Those oil reservoirs with significant potential for CO2 EOR and storage are targeted for the near future work.

This study is the first try in Daqing to consider both CO2 EOR and Storage, which would definitely demonstrate the method to improve the development after water flooding in Fuyu reservoirs and also help with a good reference value to reduce the environmental stress in China.


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